Dyla/RDL 2004, 1st edition, Vancouver, Canada

(former name: RDL, Revival of Dynamic Languages)

Colocated with 19th International Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA 2004)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Accepted articles

  • One-Method Commands: Linking Methods and Their Tests, by Markus Gälli, Oscar Nierstrasz and Stéphane Ducasse
  • Constraints and Aliasing Protection in ConstrainedJava, by Donald Gordon and James Noble
  • Static Typing Where Possible, Dynamic Typing When Needed: The End of the Cold War Between Programming Languages, by Erik Meijer and Peter Drayton
  • Supporting Software Change in the Programming Language, by Oscar Nierstrasz and Marcus Denker
  • Microlingua: A Tiny Real-Time DOOPL, by Maurice Rabb
  • A Recipe for More Dynamic OOP: Mix a Knowledge Representation and Prototypes, by Alex Ruschmayer
  • Prototypes with Multiple Dispatch: An Expressive and Dynamic Object Model, by Lee Salzman and Jonathan Aldrich
  • When Is A Dynamic Programming Language Not Dynamic, by Wilmott
  • Subjective Behavior: a General Dynamic Method Dispatch, by Betiana Darderes and Maximo Prieto
  • Two Scenarios for Dynamic OOP in UbiquitousComputing, by Shafer
  • Why I believe in dynamic languages, by David Ungar
  • Kedama: A massively parallel particle system implemented on a dynamic language, by Yoshiki Ohshima
  • Pluggable Type Systems, by Gilad Bracha


  • Roel Wuyts
  • Gilad Bracha
  • Stéphane Ducasse
  • Wolfgang De Meuter
  • Oscar Nierstrasz