Pharo Conference

Date: 24 and 25 of May 2012

Day 1

  • PharoConf Welcome - Stephane Ducasse, Slides
  • Pharo Simply - Stephane Ducasse, Slides
  • Athens: Vector Graphics for Pharo - Igor Stasenko, Slides
  • NativeBoost - Igor Stasenko, Slides
  • 2Denker eMCee: Web API Tester - Norbert Hartl, Slides
  • Concrete Type Inference - Francisco Garau, Slides

Day 2

  • Take a Small Rest - Norbert Hartl, Slides
  • Gaucho: An Object-Focused IDE - Fenando Olivero, Slides
  • Fuel all the Way Down - Mariano Martinez Peck, Slides
  • Zinc HTTP - Sven Van Caekenberghe, Slides
  • Zodiac HTTPS - Sven Van Caekenberghe, Slides
  • Voyage: The Adventure of persiting object-models - Esteban Lorenzano, Slides
  • Building the VM - Mariano Martinez Peck Slides
  • DBXTalk - Guillermo Polito, Slides

Success Stories

Conference participants gave very short success story presentations (3-slides). All the presentations are here.

Conference Participants

For a one-slide introduction to many of the participants, go here.


Original Call

The Pharo core team of INRIA and the IA team of Ecole des Mines de Douai organized a Pharo Conference hosted at INRIA Lille Nord Europe located at Villeneuve D'ascq (close to Lille). Pharo is an open-source Smalltalk getting more and more attention (more information at:

The goals of the conference is to bring companies, developers and users together.


To find the conference location go to

By metro it will take you 20 min from the center of Lille: Stop at 4 cantons and follow the map.

There is an hotel on the campus but we suggest you to take an hotel in Lille and not Villeneuve D'ascq.

Here are some cheap possible hotels: le floreal, hotel du moulin d'or, Agora Hotel, Saint Maurice, Hotel de la paix.