Workshop at fOSSa 2012

Pharo Introduction and Tutorial

Experience the dynamic live programming environment!


Pharo fuses a dynamic programming language with a highly interactive developer environment. It allows developers to directly work on the running application, making explorations simple and debugging of even complex systems possible.

The Workshop will give an introduction to Pharo and its IDE and show how Pharo can be used for real world web applications.



Part 1) Presentations

  • Talk 1: Pharo : a dynamic reflective system. Slides
  • Talk 2: Pharo: Syntax in a Nutshell. Slides
  • Talk 3: Pharo in the Real World. Slides

Part 2) Hands on

  • Pharo IDE

Core developers will be present to give demos and do tutorials. If time permits, we will organise a mini-Sprint for Pharo development (2.0 unstable).

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