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  1. Gabriela Arévalo, Stéphane Ducasse, and Oscar Nierstrasz. X-Ray Views: Understanding the Internals of Classes. In Proceedings of 18th Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE'03), p. 267—270, IEEE Computer Society, 2003. Short paper. DOI 

    Understanding the internal workings of classes is a key prerequisite to maintaining an object-oriented software system. Unfortunately, classical editing and browsing tools offer mainly linear and textual views of classes and their implementation. These views fail to expose the semantic relationships between the internal parts of a class. We propose XRay views -- a technique based on Concept Analysis -- which reveal the internal relationships between groups of methods and attributes of a class. XRay views are com- posed out of elementary collaborations between attributes and methods, and help the engineer to build a mental model of how a class works internally. In this paper we present XRay views, and illustrate the approach by applying it on the Smalltalk class UIBuilder.