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  1. Françoise Balmas, Alexandre Bergel, Simon Denier, Stéphane Ducasse, Jannik Laval, Karine Mordal-Manet, Hani Abdeen, and Fabrice Bellingard. Software metric for Java and C++ practices (Squale Deliverable 1.1). Technical report, INRIA Lille Nord Europe, 2009. 

    The objective of this workpackage is to define a catalog of software metrics. In particular we analyze the metrics used in the Squale Model and tool. In addition it offers a coherent set of software metrics for object-oriented languages on top of which Squale practices will be based. There is a plethora of software metrics [LK94, FP96, HS96, HK00, LM06] and a large amount of research articles. Still there is a lack for a serious and practically-oriented evaluation of metrics. Often metrics lacks the property that the software reengineer or quality expert can easily understand the situation summarized by the metrics. In particular since the exact notion of coupling and cohesion is complex, a particular focus on such point is important.