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  1. Alexandre Bergel, Stéphane Ducasse, Colin Putney, and Roel Wuyts. Creating Sophisticated Development Tools with OmniBrowser. In Journal of Computer Languages, Systems and Structures 34(2-3) p. 109—129, 2008. DOI 

    Smalltalk is not only an object-oriented programming language; it is also known for its extensive integrated development environment supporting interactive and dynamic programming. While the default tools are adequate for browsing the code and developing applications, it is often cumbersome to extend the environment to support new language constructs or to build additional tools supporting new ways of navigating and presenting source code. In this paper, we present the OmniBrowser, a browser framework that supports the definition of browsers based on an explicit metamodel. With OmniBrowser a domain model is described in a graph and the navigation in this graph is specified in its associated metagraph. We present how new browsers are built from predefined parts and how new tools are easily described. The browser framework is implemented in the Squeak Smalltalk environment. This paper shows several concrete instantiations of the framework: a remake of the ubiquitous Smalltalk System Browser, a coverage browser, the Duo Browser and the Dynamic Protocols browser.