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  1. Camillo Bruni, Luc Fabresse, Stéphane Ducasse, and Igor Stasenko. Language-side Foreign Function Interfaces with NativeBoost. In International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies 2013, 2013. 

    Foreign-Function-Interfaces (FGirb1FIs) are a prerequisite for close system integration of a high-level language. With FFIs the high-level environment interacts with low-level functions allowing for a unique combination of features. This duality has a strong impact on the implementation of the FFI: it has to be flexible and fast at the same time. We propose NativeBoost a language-side approach to FFIs that only requires minimal changes to the VM. NativeBoost directly creates specific native code at language-side and thus combines the flexibility of a language-side library with the performance of a native plugin.