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  1. Juan-Carlos Cruz and Stéphane Ducasse. Coordinating Open Distributed Systems. In Proceedings of International Workshop in Future Trends in Distributed Computing Systems '99, 1999. DOI 

    Open Distributed Systems are the dominating intellectual issue of the end of this century. Figuring out how to build those systems will become a central issue in distributed system research in the next future. Although CORBA seems to provide all the necessary support to construct those systems. It provides a very limited support to the evolution of requirements in those systems. The main problem is that the description of the elements from which systems are built, and the way in which they are composed are mixed into the application code. Making them difficult to understand, modify and customize. We think that a solution to this problem goes through the introduction of the so called coordination models and languages into the CORBA model. We propose in this paper the introduction of our object coordination model called CoLaS into the CORBA model.