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  1. Mathieu Dehouck, Usman Bhatti, Alexandre Bergel, and Stéphane Ducasse. Pragmatic Visualizations for Roassal: a Florilegium. In International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies, 2013. 

    Traits are reusable building blocks that can be composed to share methods across unrelated class hierarchies. Original traits are stateless and cannot express visibility control for methods. Two extensions, stateful traits and freezable traits, have been proposed to overcome these limitations. However, these extensions introduce complexity and have not yet been combined to simultaneously add both state and visibility control to traits. This paper revisits the addition of state and visibility control to traits. Rather than extending the original traits model with additional operations, we allow traits to be lexically nested within other modules. Traits can then have (shared) state and visibility control by hiding variables or methods in their lexical scope. Although the Traits' flattening property has to be revisited, the combination of traits with lexical nesting results in a simple and expressive trait model. We discuss an implementation of the model in AmbientTalk and specify its operational semantics.Software analysis and in particular reverse engineering often involves a large amount of structured data. This data should be pre- sented in a meaningful form so that it can be used to improve soft- ware artefacts. The software analysis community has produced nu- merous visual tools to help understand different software elements. However, most of the visualization techniques, when applied to software elements, produce results that are difficult to interpret and comprehend. This paper presents five graph layouts that are both expressive for polymetric views and agnostic to the visualization engine. These layouts favor spatial space reduction while emphasizing on clarity. Our layouts have been implemented in the Roassal visualization engine and are available under the MIT License.