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  1. Serge Demeyer, Stéphane Ducasse, and Sander Tichelaar. Why Unified is not Universal. UML Shortcomings for Coping with Round-trip Engineering. In Bernhard Rumpe (Ed.), Proceedings of the International Conference on The Unified Modeling Language (UML'99), LNCS 1723 p. 630—644, Springer-Verlag, Kaiserslautern, Germany, 1999. Acceptance rate: 44/166 = 27%. 

    UML is currently embraced as "the" standard in object-oriented modeling languages, the recent work of OMG on the Meta Object Faci lity (MOF) being the most noteworthy example. We welcome these standardisation efforts, yet warn against the tendency to use UML as the panacea for all exchange standards. In particular, we argue that UML is not sufficient to serve as a tool-interoperability standard for integrating round-trip engineering tools, because one is forced to rely on UML's built-in extension mechanisms to a dequately model the reality in source-code. Meanwhile, our argumentation includes a number of constructive suggestions that we ho pe will influence future releases of the UML and MOF standards.