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  1. Marcus Denker. Squeak and Croquet. In Proceedings of LinuxTag 2005, 2005. 

    Squeak allows kids of all ages to be creative with their computer. The goal of the Squeak Project is to build a system without constraints: It is used at schools, universities and in industry. Squeak is an open System: It is implemented in Squeak itself, all parts are available for learning and hacking. The whole source code is available and can be changed while the system is running. Squeak is available on the internet under a free license, it is highly portable and currently used on over 20 different platforms. This talk will give an overview over the Squeak Project: From the eToy kids programming environment up to the Seaside system for professional web development. The eToys make programming fun for children from around age 8. The talk will show how to build simple eToy programs and how Squeak is used at school. But even professional developers are using Squeak; The Seaside framework shows how the openness of Squeak can help to make developers more productive. The last part of the talk will give a glimpse into the future: OpenCroquet. The Croquet project is building a revolutionary collaborative environment based on Squeak. It provides a scalable, peer-to-peer multiuser 3D environment that is completely open for exploration and makes novel ways for communication and interaction possible.