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  1. Martín Dias, Damien Cassou, and Stéphane Ducasse. Representing Code History with Development Environment Events. In IWST'13: International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies 2013, 2013. 

    Modern development environments handle information about the intent of the programmer: for example, they use abstract syntax trees for providing high-level code manipulation such as refactorings; nevertheless, they do not keep track of this information in a way that would simplify code sharing and change understanding. In most Smalltalk systems, source code modifications are immediately registered in a transaction log often called a ChangeSet. Such mechanism has proven reliability, but it has several limitations. In this paper we analyse such limitations and describe scenarios and requirements for tracking fine-grained code history with a semantic representation. We present Epicea, an early prototype implementation. We want to enrich code sharing with extra information from the IDE, which will help understanding the intention of the changes and let a new generation of tools act in consequence.