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  1. Stéphane Ducasse. Reengineering Object-Oriented Applications. Technical report, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), 2001. TR University of Bern, Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics —- iam-03-008. 

    Reengineering object-oriented applications is becoming a vital activity in today industry where the developer turnover drains the system oral memory out of the systems themselves and where applications should constantly evolve to meet new requirements. This document summarizes the research effort led on reverse engineering and reengineering ob ject-oriented legacy systems. It includes (1) the definition of a suitable meta-model for reengineering, FAMIX. This meta-model, even if flat, supports both reverse engineering and code refac- toring analysis, (2) the presentation of a reengineering platform, MOOSE, (3) the evalution of software metrics for reengineer, (4) the definition of simple visual techniques to support large system understanding or finer grain code element, (5) the identification and cure sup- port for duplicated code, (6) the use of dynamic information to support composable views and collaboration extraction, and (7) the identification of reengineer patterns. Keywords. Meta-Modeling, Language Independence, Reengineering, Reverse Engineering, Code Duplication, Reengineering Patterns, Program Traces, Dynamic Information, Program Visualization, Software Metrics, Refactorings, Interexchange Format, CODECRAWLER, FAMIX, MOOSE, FAMOOS, Smalltalk, Java, C\+\+.