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  1. Stéphane Ducasse and Roel Wuyts. Supporting Objects as An Anthropomorphic View at Computation or Why Smalltalk for Teaching Objects?. In Proceedings of the Ecoop'02 International Educator Symposium, 2002. 

    In this paper we stress the fact that a language and an environment for teaching object-oriented programming should support the anthropomorphic metaphor promoted by the paradigm. We show that all the cultural aspects of Smalltalk, i.e., the vocabulary and the syntax support the object metaphor. In addition, we stress that the programming environment should also support the metaphor. We show that Smalltalk environments offer an important property we named liveness or object proximity that promotes the anthropomorphic perception of objects. By providing excerpt from our forth coming book, we show how Squeak with the Morphic framework reinforces this ability to make object into living entities.