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  1. Stéphane Ducasse, Michael Freidig, and Roel Wuyts. Logic and Trace-based Object-Oriented Application Testing. In Fifth International Workshop on Object-Oriented Reengineering (WOOR 2004), 2004. 

    Due to the size and the extreme complexity of legacy systems, it is nearly impossible to write from scratch tests before refactoring them. In addition object-oriented legacy systems present specific requirements to test them. Indeed late-binding allow subclasses to change fundamental aspects of the superclass code and in particular call flows. Moreover Object-oriented programming promotes a distribution of the responsibilities to multiple entities leading to complex scenario to be tested. In such a context one of the few trustable source of information is the execution of the application itself. Traditional forward engineering approaches such as unit testing do not really provide adequate solution to this problem. Therefore there is a need for a more expressive way of testing the execution of object-oriented applications. We propose to represent the trace of object-oriented applications as logic facts and express tests over the trace. This way complex sequences of message exchanges, sequence matching, or expression of negative information are expressed in compact form. We validated our approach by implementing TestLog a prototype tool and testing the Moose reengineering environment and a meta-interpreter.