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  1. Stéphane Ducasse, Lukas Renggli, and Roel Wuyts. SmallWiki —- A Meta-Described Collaborative Content Management System. In Proceedings ACM International Symposium on Wikis (WikiSym'05), p. 75—82, ACM Computer Society, New York, NY, USA, 2005. DOI 

    Wikis are often implemented using string-based approaches to parse and generate their pages. While such approaches work well for simple wikis, they hamper the customization and adaptability of wikis to the variety of end-users when more sophisticated needs are required (i.e., different output formats, user-interfaces, wiki managment, security policies, ...). In this paper we present SmallWiki, the second version of a fully object-oriented implementation of a wiki. SmallWiki is implemented with objects from the top to the bottom and it can be customized easily to accommodate new needs. In addition, SmallWiki is based on a powerful meta-description called Magritte that allows one to create user-interface elements declaratively.