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  1. Stéphane Ducasse, Michele Lanza, and Romain Robbes. Multi-level Method Understanding Using Microprints. In Proceedings of VISSOFT 2005 (3th IEEE International Workshop on Visualizing Software for Understanding), 2005. 

    Understanding classes and methods is a key activity in object-oriented programming, since classes represent the primary abstractions from which applications are built, while methods contain the actual program logic. The main problem of this task is to quickly grasp the purpose and inner structure of a class. To achieve this goal, one must be able to overview multiple methods at once. In this paper, we present microprints, pixel-based representations of methods enriched with semantical information. We present three specialized microprints each dealing with a specific aspect we want to understand of methods: (1) state access, (2) control flow, and (3) invocation relationship.