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  1. Stéphane Ducasse, Simon Denier, Françoise Balmas, Alexandre Bergel, Jannik Laval, Karine Mordal-Manet, and Fabrice Bellingard. Visualization of Practices and Metrics (Squale Deliverable 1.2). Technical report, INRIA, 2009. 

    Measuring applications is a challenge and one of the goal of the Squale project is to propose a sound quality model. Now presenting the results of such analysis is also a challenge since it is complex to output and present to the user for the following reasons: first a lot of data should be presented and at different audience. Second displaying information is one aspect another one is navigating the information. Finally it is important not to overwhelm the users with too much visualizations. This deliverable presents a state of the art in terms of software visualization approaches that are specifically designed to display metrics. In addition it sets up the context for the application of such visualization to practices.