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  1. Stéphane Ducasse, Nicolas Anquetil, Usman Bhatti, and Andre Cavalcante Hora. Software Metrics for Package Remodularisation. Technical report, RMod — INRIA Lille-Nord Europe, 2011. 

    There is a plethora of software metrics \citeLore94a, Fent96a, Hend96a, Han00a, Lanz06a and a large amount of research articles. Still there is a lack for a serious and practically-oriented evaluation of metrics. Often metrics lack the property that the software reengineer or quality expert can easily understand the situation summarized by the metrics. In particular, since the exact notion of coupling and cohesion is complex, a particular focus on such point is important. In the first chapter of the present document, we present a list of software metrics, that are commonly used to measure object-oriented programs. In the second chapter we present our proposition for package metrics that capture package aspects such as information hiding and change impact limits.