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  1. Michele Lanza and Stéphane Ducasse. A Categorization of Classes based on the Visualization of their Internal Structure: the Class Blueprint. In Proceedings of 16th International Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages and Applications (OOPSLA '01), p. 300—311, ACM Press, 2001. Acceptance rate: 27/145 = 19%. DOI 

    The reengineering and reverse engineering of software systems is gaining importance in software industry, because the accelerated turnover in software companies creates legacy systems in a shorter period of time. Especially understanding classes is a key activity in object-oriented programming, since classes represent the primary abstractions from which applications are built. The main problem of this task is to quickly grasp the purpose of a class and its inner structure. To help the reverse engineers in their first contact with a foreign system, we propose a categorization of classes based on the visualization of their internal structure. The contributions of this paper are a novel categorization of classes and a visualization of the classes which we call the class blueprint. We have validated the categorization on several case studies, two of which we present here.