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  1. Jannik Laval, Nicolas Anquetil, and Stéphane Ducasse. OZONE: Package Layered Structure Identification in presence of Cycles. In Proceedings of the 9th edition of the Workshop BElgian-NEtherlands software eVOLution seminar (BENEVOL'10), 2010. 

    Packages are complex entities and it can be difficult to understand them as they play different roles (e.g., core package, UI class container, tests package . . . ). In particular, package interdependencies make difficult their management (substitution, evolutions, deprecation). Understanding whether a package has high or low impact on the system is another valuable piece of information. In addition, package organization represents the backbone of large software system. It is is usually agreed that packages should form layered structures. However, identifying such layered structure is difficult since packages are often in cycles. Several approaches propose to recover software structure or to visualize classes or files organization. Only few approaches provide layered organization and in particular take cycle into account. In this paper, we propose an approach which provides (i) a strategy to highlight dependencies which break Acyclic Dependency Principle and (ii) an organization of package (even in presence of cycles) in multiple layers. While our approach can be run automatically, it also supports human inputs and constraints. We validate our approach with a preliminary study on the structure of the Moose software analysis platform: it shows promising results.