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  1. Guillermo Polito, Stéphane Ducasse, Luc Fabresse, Noury Bouraqadi, and Max Mattone. Virtualization Support for Dynamic Core Library Update. In Onward! 2015, 2015. 

    Dynamically updating language runtime and core libraries such as collections and threading is challenging since the update mechanism uses such libraries at the same time that it modifies them. To tackle this challenge, we present Dy- namic Core Library Update (DCU) as an extension of Dy- namic Software Update (DSU) and our approach based on a virtualization architecture. Our solution supports the up- date of core libraries as any other normal library, avoiding the circular dependencies between the updater and the core libraries. Our benchmarks show that there is no evident per- formance overhead in comparison with a default execution. Finally, we show that our approach can be applied to real life scenario by introducing a critical update inside a web application with 20 simulated concurrent users.