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  1. Lukas Renggli, Stéphane Ducasse, and Adrian Kuhn. Magritte —- A Meta-Driven Approach to Empower Developers and End Users. In Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, LNCS 4735 p. 106—120, Springer, 2007. DOI 

    Model-driven engineering is a powerful approach to build large-scale applications. However, an application's metamodel often remains static after the development phase and cannot be changed unless a new development effort occurs. Yet, end users often need to rapidly adapt their applications to new business needs. In many cases, the end users would know how to make the required adaptations, if only, the application would let them do so. In this paper we present how we built a runtime-dynamic meta-environment by integrating Magritte, a self-described metamodel, into Smalltalk's reflective language model. Our solution offers the best of both worlds: developers can develop their applications using the same tools they were used to, but at the same time they gain the power of meta-programming. We show in particular that our approach is adapted to support end user customization of applications: the adaptive model of Magritte enables to not only describe existing classes, but also lets end users build their own metamodels on the fly.