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  1. Markiyan Rizun, Gustavo Santos, Stéphane Ducasse, and Camille Teruel. Phorms: Pattern Combinator Library for Pharo. In International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies IWST'16, Prague, Czech Republic, 2016. DOI 

    Pattern matching is a common mechanism to provide analysis and transformation of data structures. Such an approach basically checks whether the containing elements of a data structure are constituents of a pattern, described by the developer. This paper is a step towards having seamless object-oriented pattern matching, which would be applicable to any object in Pharo. We present a pattern matching library, called \phorms, which enables users to compose patterns using the syntax of the Pharo programming language. In this library, patterns are objects and therefore can be inspected and debugged using existing Pharo tools. Our solution is extensible unlike \emphThe Rewrite Engine -- Pharo's current pattern matching facilities. Moreover, by treating patterns as first class objects, our library provides more flexibility in the pattern matching process.