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  1. Santiago Bragagnolo, Henrique Rocha, Marcus Denker, and Stéphane Ducasse. SmartInspect: Smart Contract Inspection Technical Report. Technical Report, Inria Lille-Nord Europe, 2017. 

    Smart contracts are embedded procedures stored with the data they act upon. Debugging deployed Smart Contracts is a difficult task since once deployed, the code cannot be reexecuted and inspecting a simple attribute is not easily possible because data is encoded. In this technical report, we present SmartInspect to address the lack of inspectability of a deployed contract. Our solution analyses the contract state by using decompilation techniques and a mirror-based architecture to represent the object responsible for interpreting the contract state. SmartInspect allows developers and also end-users of a contract to better visualize and understand the contract stored state without needing to redeploy, nor develop any ad-hoc code.