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  1. Sander Tichelaar, Stéphane Ducasse, Serge Demeyer, and Oscar Nierstrasz. A Meta-model for Language-Independent Refactoring. In Proceedings of International Symposium on Principles of Software Evolution, ISPSE'00 p. 157—167, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2000. Acceptance rate: 22/51 = 43%. DOI 

    Refactoring --- transforming code while preserving behaviour --- is currently considered a key approach for improving object-oriented software systems. Unfortunately, all of the current refactoring tools depend on language-dependent refactoring engines, which prevents a smooth integration with mainstream development environments. In this paper we investigate the similarities between refactorings for Smalltalk and Java, derive a language-independent meta-model and show that it is feasible to build a language-independent refactoring engine on top of this meta-model. Our feasibility study is validated by means of a tool prototype which uses the same engine to refactor both Smalltalk and Java code. Using our approach we minimize the language-dependent part of refactoring tools, providing a standard way for programmers and tools to perform refactorings no matter what language they work in.