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  1. Sander Tichelaar, Stéphane Ducasse, and Theo-Dirk Meijler. Architectural Extraction In Reverse Engineering by Prototyping: An experiment. In Serge Demeyer and Harald Gall (Ed.), Proceedings of the ESEC/FSE Workshop on Object-Oriented Re-engineering, Technical University of Vienna, Information Systems Institute, Distributed Systems Group, 1997. Technical Report TUV-1841-97-10. 

    In this workshop proposal we present a prototype approach to help the extraction of architectural information in the re-engineering process. Commonly, the re-engineering life-cycle has been defined as a succession of the following tasks: analysis of requirements, model capture (understanding the system), problem detection, problem analysis, reorganization and change propagation. We have evaluated the benefit of a prototyping approach with a focus on model capture. Although prototyping is a known approach to evaluate the application feasibility, costs, comparison and validation of choices, we focus in this paper on the aspects of prototyping that are helpful for re-engineering.