From Relational to NoSQL databases

From Relational to NoSQL databases

Research Team:
Team leader (HDR):
Stéphane Ducasse
Project leader:
S. Ducasse and A. Etien (Project contact)

Project Context

The goal of this work is to provide methods and tools to translate relational databases into NoSQL ones. This migration implies more than just a language translation, since the used philosophy and paradigm are different.

Due to the very large amount of data that some companies have to deal with, traditional relational database, generally conceived to work on unique computers have met scalability issues. NoSQL databases have emerged to work on distributed hardware architecture and deal with very large amount of data. Strong relational structure disappears to let place to very quick access. Data are no more gathered in tables that are joined in query, but in aggregates that correspond to different ways the data are frequently used or simply without schema and the work is let to the applications.

Project Goal and Work Plan

  • Analyse the current state of tools and languages in the context of NoSQL database management systems
  • Provide mechanism / tools to understand the current relational schema of the database.
  • Realize prototypes potentially with Moose ( in Pharo ( and in Softeam modelling platform (in Java)

Benefits to the Student

  • Integration into a prolific research group, fond of software development and programming languages;
  • Potential integration as a master and/or PhD student either within the group or within one of its numerous partners around the world (Switzerland, Chile, Belgium, Argentina, Italy).
  • There is a CIFRE associated with this topics


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