We have released the new version 1.7 of Fuel. The list of changes includes performance optimizations, design clean-ups, and new features.
  • The FLSerializer and FLMaterializer API has changed. They are no longer implementing the algorithms but are a kind of Fa├žade.
  • Developer guides with examples: Getting Started and Customizing the graph.
  • Serialization substitutions: "Store this object instead of me."
  • Global sends: "Restore me by sending this selector to this global"
  • Versioning the stream: We prefix the stream with a version number that should match when loading.
  • Performance optimizations on instances of:
    • Word-like classes. (We thank a lot to Henrik Sperre Johansen for your help!)
    • ByteString and Symbol.
    • Date, Time, Duration and DateAndTime.
    • Point and Rectangle.
    • MethodDictionary. Now materialization is 2000x faster, thanks to its new rehash without become.
  • Huge clean-up in Tests package.