Hello!I want to announce in this post the new release version 1.6. This version does not add any new concrete functionality but has two main achievements: a performance improvement and a design clean up.Many changes included in this release are part of a design clean up. They are a necessary step forward to new functionalities that are coming soon. They make code more understandable. They enable simpler extension. Happily they also helped to improve serialization performance by reducing unnecessary interactions. And it is specially important a bottleneck in graph analysis stage we have successfully attacked, obtaining great results.Details:


Evaluate in a Pharo 1.2 environment:
Gofer it
        squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
        package: 'ConfigurationOfFuel';
((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfFuel) project version: '1.6') load.

Try it

| sourceArray loadedArray |
sourceArray := 
		with: 'a string' 
		with: Transcript
		with: [ Transcript show: 'a string' ].
"Store to the file"
FLSerializer serialize: sourceArray toFileNamed: 'example.FL'. 
"Load from the file"
loadedArray := FLMaterializer materializeFromFileNamed: 'example.FL'. 
"The arrays are not the same"
[ sourceArray ~~ loadedArray ] assert.
"The strings are not the same"
[ sourceArray first ~~ loadedArray first ] assert.
[ sourceArray first = loadedArray first ] assert.
"The global instance Transcript is the same"
[ sourceArray second == loadedArray second ] assert.
"Look at Transcript how the loaded block prints a string"
loadedArray third value.