We are proud to announce Fuel 1.8 with a lot of new features and documentation. Of course, we don't stop working but it was time to freeze a stable version.Fuel works out of the box in Pharo from 1.1 up to 2.0 (checked at #20094). Please check our Documentation for complete installation and use guides.Below there are some remarkable changes.If you are a Fuel user we are not aware of, please let us know!Best regards,Martin and Mariano


First steps with Fuel.
Getting Started
Some examples help to show the basic interface.
Managing Globals
What objects are treated as globals is configurable in Fuel. Learn about this with this guide.
Customizing the Graph
This guide explains how to store your objects in the right way when default behavior doesn't fit well.
The list of exceptions thrown during serialization and materialization. We provide also an explanation for them.
Classes change along time, and you can configure Fuel for loading old instances.
In this guide we explain about Fuel internals and show some debugging and visualization tools.
Overview of Extension Packages
A description of available packages that extend the core ones.