In the domain of software analysis, visualization is a powerful tool to understand software systems and algorithms. Software visualization can be used as tool and technique to explore and analyze software systems to uncover hidden dependencies and discover anomalies.

Roassal is an agile visualization engine which can be used to express powerful visualizations. However, it would be interesting to provide an abstraction to the user to express software visualizations and a set of useful recurrent visualization used in software analysis.


Telescope is an engine for efficiently creating meaningful visualizations. The purpose is to help the user concentrate on the problem at hand rather than understanding the nitty-gritty of a drawing library. It does so by exposing to the user to a few concepts of the domain of visualization: nodes and their contents, layouts, interactions, and update mechanism. For example, the user does not have to worry about the creation of composite or simple nodes, the engine handles it.

Another purpose of Telescope is to express a set of useful recurrent visualizations. Telescope comes with a built-in set of visualizations: Distribution map and Butterfly are two examples. However, if you do not find an existing visualization which corresponds to your needs, you can create one to suit your needs. Indeed, Telescope provides a rich API to easily create a visualization to a specific purpose.

Telescope proceeds as follows: The user provides a description of the visualization and Telescope generates appropriate Roassal code for the user and open up a Roassal window with the visualization.


Gofer new
	smalltalkhubUser: 'LeoPerard' project: 'Telescope';
	package: 'ConfigurationOfTelescope';
(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfTelescope) load


you can download it from the Jenkins.